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Each of our apps is a powerful library management application that gives
you access to your entire media-specific catalog, anywhere. Using our
apps is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any item in your libraries,
share your favorites, and keep track of borrowed and lent items.

Sleek & Functional
All our apps are cleanly designed and simple to use.

High Performance
All our apps easily support large media collections. Some of our users manage
libraries containing more than 10,000 items!

One-Step Add
You can add items to your media libraries by simply scanning barcodes or
by searching online.

Keep Track
Keep track of where your items are, which ones you’ve borrowed, and to whom
you’ve loaned items.

Create your own categories for organizing your items, maintain your own
Wish Lists, mark your Favorites for instant access, and add personal notes
about any given item.

Quick Find
Instantly locate any item by entering a search keyword or by scanning the
item’s barcode.

Easily Share
Share your favorite items using Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can even
export all or selected portions of your media libraries in standard file
formats for colleagues and friends to view on their computers or any
other devices.

Reliable Backup
Keep your hard work safe by backing up your libraries to the cloud using Dropbox.
If you ever lose your iPhone you can restore your media libraries on any
iOS device, instantly!

Stay In Sync
Import from other popular media catalog apps to ensure that your media libraries
are always up-to-date.

And Much More
Assign multiple tags, sort items by any field, arrange items in a series, easily
print information about selected items to AirPrint-enabled printers,
and much much more!

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